Garcinia Cambogia UK – Side Effects?

Garcinia Cambogia Extract – Side Effects?

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It is only natural that you would ask this question, and an individual concerned for his/her health should obviously go for such questions. But let us assure you that it is completely safe for the body since it uses natural techniques to reshape your body and make other necessary modification, and hence, it does not have any side-effects.

Dr. Oz

The famous Dr. Oz has pronounced Garcinia Cambogia as ‘the holy grail of weight loss’, and has also advised to try it if you are seeking a way of losing extra body weight in a hassle-free method. Buy Garcinia Cambogia Extract in UK from an authorized dealer and take another step towards reducing body weight.

However, if you want to take the full advantage of the product without causing damage to your body, you must consider buying an authentic one that has been verified. For checking the authentication you must look for the following points.

  • There are a lot of cheap substitutes that are produced in China. Avoid them at all costs because they are not the authentic ones and do not give any guarantee of the safety of your system. Only buy extracts that are verified, preferably the ones produced in US or Europe.
  • If you cannot find a US or Europe-manufactured extract, then seek one that is approved by FDA or Food and Drug Administration.
  • Always look out for a chemical substance called ‘ephedrine’ on the label of the extract. Ephedrine is quite efficient in blocking out hunger, but it does not come without side-effects. It will more likely give you cardiovascular problem, respiratory problem and kidney failure in the long run. At the primary level you can expect nausea and dizziness along with the loss of appetite.
  • The price of original Garcinia Cambogia in the uk also varies from that of a fake one. The original price of a bottle fluctuates from $45-$55 and no less than that. If someone offers you a cheaper one with a guarantee to lose your weight, then simply walk away. That guy is lying for sure!
  • The extract needs to have at least 50% of HCA or Hydroxycitric Acid. Otherwise you may not get the perfect result.
  • Be certain that the extract that you are buying does not have any added artificial ingredients, fillers or finders, as these can hamper the productivity of the supplement.
  • Do not accept the invitation of free trials. Those products are more likely to turn out as counterfeits and might cause hazard to your health.



The dosage should be about 1500mg and should be taken before meals or on empty stomach. Do not eat anything for 30-60 minutes because if will affect the efficiency of the extract and will slow down the overall process. Also, take Garcinia Cambogia with Potassium and Calcium, because these salts help in absorbing and accelerating the actions of the supplement.

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The best Garcinia Cambogia extract…

Although it comes without side-effects, pregnant and lactating women, diabetics and patients of dementia are strongly advised not to consume the product.

Garcinia Cambogia, if used properly, can provide you with huge advantages, and alter your health in a way that you will love undoubtedly. Just avoid stumbling upon the simulated ones, and follow a few simple rules and you will get your long-desired size of figure with renewed vigour in next to no time!